SHNA Meeting 1.16.17 @6:30 pm

11 Jan

Our SHNA meeting will be Monday, January 16, at 6:30 pm at the Martha O’Bryan Center at 711 S 7th St. We will be meeting in the Community Room in the Faith Building (first building on the left, first door on the left).

Agenda items include a monthly report from the East Precinct, some board goals for 2017, and a discussion to address a pedestrian/traffic safety issue at the end of Long Ave (the steep hill with no sidewalks along between 19th St and the park). Some neighbors have reported cars speeding down the hill, and the lack of sidewalks and the narrow street can make it a hazard for children and adults walking up or down the street from the park. A couple things have been suggested including a “dead end” sign closer to 19th St to let drivers know it is not a through street–there is a sign near 20th, but by then vehicles are nearing the bottom of the hill; temporary bollards that could be placed at the lane that enters Shelby Park at the bottom of Long–these would be able to be removed in the case of emergency and bad weather but would prohibit vehicles from entering the Park but allow bicycles and pedestrians; and some other suggestions. We have been in communication with Metro Parks and Friends of Shelby Park to discuss the long-term plans for the park and gather their input, and we also would like to get your input on Monday.

Hope to see you there.

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